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Hello fellow SLP! Glad you're here. SLP Stash is a curated directory of everything SLPs need and love. There's so much to discover when new treasures are always being created. Which is great, but creates a lot of noise and confusion on what's actually useful and evidence-based for your caseload. And while ASHA and blogs have resources listed, SLP Stash is the only democratized directory. We focus on quality control through upvoting and reviews—So you don't have to scroll through 1,000 resources. SLP Stash is your "in-the-know" friend who always sends you the best new resources and discounts to keep your therapy on point.

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Who's behind SLP Stash?

Hi, I'm James. I'm an SLP currently with a K-12 caseload in a STEM-focused school. I love coming up with creative solutions to common SLP barriers. Outside of clinical work, I've helped SLP thought leaders launch and market their products. Please enjoy the site and make yourself at home! You can contact me at [email protected]

James Berges
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